Best Foundation For Dry Skin

Dry skin is the bane of many ladies. I did my best to give you tips to help on this calamity so today I start with the foundation.For those who have dry skin, you should worry about having a foundation runny or disappears during the day as their counterparts with oily skin . They do not have the excess oil produced by the skin " breaks " the foundation, with the result of the drag on the skin. In addition , women in the dry skin usually have less acne prone skin and are less sensitive to ingredients that could cause an acne breakout .
Best Foundation For Dry Skin
Unfortunately, the task is not easy to find a suitable foundation for dry skin who tend to look more dull . Foundations matte finish should be avoided because they can give the skin an older and accentuate fine lines and wrinkles appearance. Foundations which are designed to absorb excess oil from the skin are also to be avoided because it makes the skin more dry during the day . Not the desired effect here!

How do I find the right foundation for may dry skin then? The key to success here is to choose the right wording: avoid foundation powder, matte finish or absorb oil and promote fund liquid or creamy complexion with a " bright " finish . Be careful here! Companies sometimes use the term famous to get your attention but the products may contain supposed to reflect light on the skin and make it less dull shiny. Personally I find it so unflattering. YES to a foundation that reflects light naturally in gorging skin moisturizing ingredients and good quality , NO to the one that will make you look like a disco ball 1977.
Best Foundation For Dry SkinTip # 1: if you do not necessarily want a real heavy duty foundation and only need a light coverage, a tinted moisturizer may be enough. BB cream also.

Tip # 2: If you really like the ultra light look use a light base (Radiance) in advance or mix it in equal parts (the base and the foundation) on the back of your hand before applying it.

Tip # 3: Do not be afraid of products that labeled as "anti-aging" even if you're in their twenties. These products contain moisturizing ingredients that do not accumulate in the lines ... no more than patches of dry skin!

Finding the right product is not enough, however, to ensure a seamless look. The method of application plays a lot in the final result. The ideal is to apply foundation on a first skin well hydrated. Use a suitable base can also help the foundation to well over the skin without clinging to imperfections (dry patches of skin, pimples, wrinkles etc..).

Sometimes with dry skin, it is better to avoid applying the foundation with a brush. Indeed, the bristles may be a micro-exfolliation skin upon application and put more emphasis on the plate of dry skin. The ideal? Simply apply with fingers, a damp sponge or brush wet synthetic hair. And not bother to set your foundation with powder if you have dry skin it will accentuate dry areas and absorb the oil which is so precious!

I hope that may helps a bit! feel free to share with your friends.